Monday, October 21, 2013

Mackelmore is the cause of unemployment.

        Now days, buying thrift is trend. But is re-using your grandma's coat really doing society any good? Or are we all just wearing old clothing for nothing?
         Buying second-hand or used seems great in the moment, but according to Keynes it is really putting other out of jobs. This is because buying used does not promote new growth. New growth can only happen when there is a demand. If everyone demands used goods, we will  get stuck in a cycle of  no growth.
         So, next time you feel like spending fifty dollars on a sweater, do it. You're  doing good in the world by  promoting  growth which creates jobs.  Leave the thrift stores and spend the twenty dollars in your pocket elsewhere.
        However, what would happen if we only bought new goods? The nation and country would be filled with  waste and pollution would sky-rocket. Buying  used  enables  goods to be used  to their full potential value.  If we never bought used goods we would be  driving brand new cars while all the previous years' models  of cars  sat in drieways in driveable  conditions .  
          Recycling is great but it has to be balanced with buying new . This will create a maximization of  use in products but keep the incentive for  the production of new products. 

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