Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Liberty in Socialism vs. Capitalism

Governments which are capitalist accumulate wealth from the wealth of the people(taxes), therefore it is in their best interest to keep the people rich. In totalitarian or fascist socialist countries, money and goods are literally stolen from people to be redistributed, this makes the people poorer and poorer as the government must keep doing this to survive.
That is just it. Each and every government, just like each and every person, will do what it takes to survive. And survival, and thriving is the whole idea behind sustainability. Nowadays government don’t have many incentives to thrive, but rather to just keep their head above water for the time being. Hayek, Keynes and many other economists try and describe what they see as best for the the survival of humans and their institutions. A socialist system is not sustainable and therefore will be taxing on it’s people
This idea flows in with Hayek's road to serfdom, where eventually in a socialist society you all become slaves to a system [like they weren’t already(sarcasm)]. In response to his treatise on how a command economy is not beneficial to the consumer. There would be limited liberty because the freedom to trade would be damaged if not obliterated.
Hayek would seem to propose a fully free market, but so many people think this would not be possible. There are arguments that in order to have a fully free market every good and service that is now provided by the government could not be equally. However there are examples of goods that would not necessarily follow the rules. People pay for what they want.
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