Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Devil's angel

2 to One: deduction
Defining both ends of the spectrum is not exactly an art, but I think that kurt Vonnegut captures it better than Adam Smith. Does that mean i discount Hayek? HELL NO! In fact, the roughness with which most people base their understanding of reality off of is vague at best. It seems as though Hayek is saying that there are things that human beings can do, and there are things that humans CAN'T do. He pushes it forcibly in my opinion, but some people just need to hear the harsh truth. Could it be because he believed order-ignorants need to be contacted more than order-sapients needed to be  left alone?

I sincerely appreciate Doc Lawson's Sports example for putting it into a format I can understand. Can you imagine seeing a world of 1's and 2's? Thank HEAVEN for more than dichotomous linguistics. The message which many economists send out is designed to have a high level of applicability to an expanding large populous (which has most recently been increasing at previously unknown levels). Sorry for the short/odd post. I didn't actually get the chance to read through the whole article, my generation is such that, without succinct information, we cannot be drawn into deeper study of a topic. The kind of information that we can appreciate can be referred to as blurbs. 

Induction: One to 2

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