Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Economics and the Election

     Elections throughout history have always resulted in immediate economic fluctuations. These may be positive or negative but nevertheless always seem to surface. In relation to this current election the stock market plunged the next morning November 7th 316 points. Now, there is much speculation on why this happened. That said the reason supported by many economists is that the plunge was in relation to investors faith with the re-election and upcoming fiscal cliff. Another major factor is the current finical problems Europe and many other parts of the world aside from the United States are experiencing. My biggest question lies with what is to be done. What can be done? Leading economists are struggling over this question but a basic foundation for change lies in the government. This change always carries the most weight. That said, good change occurs when both parties can reach some sort of agreement. (Market watch) stated how, "President Obama’s ability to implement policy is constrained by Republican control of the House of Representatives. Republicans are reluctant to entertain tax increases or reductions in exemptions. Democrats are reluctant to consider reductions in entitlements and spending. " These disagreements are expected between parties but when they interfere with getting things done it becomes clear that they must be dissolved, at least temporarily to come to a viable solution. This is definitely easier said then done but without anything more then a bandaid fix from congress we are bound to experience the huge problems and the financial cliffs that loom ahead.      
     As with all elections everyone is bound to feel differently, to see differently, and act differently. The majority of the future lies with the people though. This is because it is the people who ultimately decide the future plans for this country. They decide wether or not to wake up early and bust their butt for a buck or sit back play video games and collect money from the government. This country was undisputedly built by hard working people. People who believed in what they had and what they were doing to better the future for not only themselves but for their children. So in times of finical cliffs and economic instability as a nation I'd say our best bet is to play it smart and hang tough because only the strong prosper through adversity and this nation is still strong.

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