Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Virtual Economies

Diablo ΙΙΙ has recently in 2009 been estimated to be worth $3 billion. The real question is whether the value of this gaming system will increase or decrease. Will virtual economies with gaming continue on? 

For Diablo ΙΙΙ they were not as successful as maybe they had hoped for their new edition. CNN reported that many gamers were complaining about computer malfunctions that occurred while playing the game, “there are more than 4,200 Diablo III forum threads, most discussing some aspect of the game that, in players' opinion, is broken”. Others complained that the game itself was too difficult to be successful to move onto the next level, “other players go the other route, thinking the game is "broken" because it is simply too hard”
Overall I hope for our sake that we as Americans learn more valuable ways of virtual economies than through video games. 

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