Monday, October 15, 2012

Unintended Consequences

     Unintended consequences surround us everyday and are something I tend to see very readily. When I make a decision I think less of the current ramifications and more of the long term or end result. However, often in society we see less of the long term and more of the short term. This although somewhat of a side street is in my opinion an important example of unintended consequences. Where a government spends money endlessly to provide current relief and does not seriously consider the long term ramifications. Another example would be everyday actions. Anything from buying a smoothie to eating snack. Although simple all of these hold unintended or anticipated consequences.
     The trick to the whole untended consequences is to first get a wrap on them in your everyday life. Look at the things which seem to hold blanket obvious results and I am sure you will see all the possible consequences which go along with them. So managing and deciding how to base your decisions becomes even more of a trickier task. To be able to analyze and decide the best decision, one which holds the best short term gain and also incorporates the long term effects.
     A prime example of times where unintended consequences are frequently overlooked is when we go to parties or social events such as dances. At which you generally become more focussed on making the night fun therefrom, becoming wrapped up in the short term goals and not any long term effects. As most of you know these times in which we completely overlook unintended consequences generally bring problems for us in the future.
     Finding a good balance in my opinion is absolutely key. This is not to say that there can ever be a perfect balance even in our own lives but instead to say that with some practice one can make decisions that are geared more towards appeasing both the short and long term, instead of making decisions which are just focussed on one or the other. Unintended consequences are truly something that shouldn't be overlooked but in many cases is. The decisions always have a trickle down effect of consequences some good and some bad. Through work and determination we can collectively try to make day to day decisions with there untended consequences in mind, in the hopes of creating a clearer and better structured future.

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