Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Money in the Modern World

     Money is something that the modern world has begun to value more than anything else. Held up on a pedestal that at times becomes more important than a persons life, a persons family, and a countries success. So, where is this point where money becomes so powerful? Perhaps for you it already is or perhaps it is not. However, the fact that the money is becoming increasingly powerful makes it even more important for one to have a good understanding of it. An understanding not just on an economic level but also on personal level. Decide for example how much money you need to be happy because even the millionaires of this world are having a huge problem with this. For example there is a study where multi millionaires were questioned on how much money they needed to be happy and even though some of them had over 30 million dollars they would still say that they needed more. This thirst for money really demonstrates a misplacement of the true royalties in life. It blinds us from the problems around us and causes us to frequently stroll right by many wonderful experiences to be had and many wonderful opportunities to be embarked.
     You might ask how this happened or like myself perhaps you already know. Money = the quantity of material goods and services one can obtain. Pair this with the false predominant display that the quantity of goods and services obtained = success and it should be obvious how big this problem really is, especially in this country. With wealth distribution being that about 70% of the total wealth belongs to about 5% of the people, i'd say theres a big problem going on. Not to say that wealth should be distributed equally because I don't believe that at all. However, it is to say that this unequal distribution might be causing the wealthy to thirst for money even more being that the amount which can be obtained is so much greater than ever before.
     Different twist on the question but I think its curious to see how money is changing the mindset of the people who have the most of it.

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