Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ch 11

This chapter I believe was the core foundation of last week's arguments but with perhaps not a new light but more of a detail on the matter. Frank brought up the main topic himself of whether or not to consider taxes as theft and to go against the majority I think i'm starting to take his view on this matter. The arguments he presents are a little bit more descriptive, and perhaps a little thought out, than the opposition to the idea that government is essentially stealing. Even if those people who are opposite of free riders, meaning the people who pay taxes but recieve fewer benefits from them such as a couple with no kids for free schooling, it is still essential for any government to have some form of tax. If the opposition still would like to suggest that it is not needed; government as a whole would not function to exist.
As Frank stated " informed person would want to live in such a society" in which there is no tax revenue to provide common goods and services we have today. The idea that taking something from a store owner and then leaving the correct money behind is still stealing because it is involuntary, I can't truly say that this alone when regarding the government and large mass of population, that this is enough justifiable means for any business or persons to withhold tax money from the government. Considering that most Americans earning less than $40,000 annually do not pay their taxes as suggested in many statistics, it seems to me that there is more room in the budget than intentionally believed (if most people contributed).
But of course less and less people would be more gracious with their personal wealth if perhaps taxes increase, but in the event that those taxes they should have paid would have been very important of course they would have shelled it out. Yet instead they bicker about how they probably mis-allocated the few resources rather than being more careful and quick to assume their anti-tax slogans. I believe this next meeting we have will be interesting considering that Frank actually discussed some of the items of mention last week.

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