Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What in the world

For the most part, Frank seems to be going off on a lot of tangents. I will give him credit with his example on the antique clock. Although one person might have a passion for a hobby, money always buys everything in today's economy. Although Susan was willing to spend a large portion of her money to buy the clock, Malcolm's income and willingness to spend an even larger amount for no reason will most likely out weigh Susan's amount. 

As for the rest of the chapter, Frank still continues along this vague line of what he wants done in government. So far he has given examples and has contradicted a huge amount of what he says he wants done. However, in whose best interest is he looking at? The poor? The rich? I don't feel like I will ever know what side he is on. This isn't about proving Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations wrong this is more about putting his point in and saying everything else is wrong if no one agrees with him.

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