Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who is Really to Blame?

I've started to make better sense of what Frank is trying to get across. However, it seems he has yet to place the blame on no one other than the employees that work in any industry. Now I have to admit that not all the power lies in the hands of the general employee. There are people in a higher position than them that make many of the decisions necessary in order for the business to succeed.
 I would also like to point out the concept of no cash on the table. I was intrigued by the concept of there being no competition. I have to disagree and say that there is always competition of whose goods are worth consuming and who is producing. This applies to the law of Supply. If there is more of a copy-cat brand and its a cheaper price, wouldn't many consumers demand more of this type of product? Another point I would like to make out is the skills of a developing employee. If that employee were to in fact build their skills within the firm, competing firms would pay close attention to their work ethic and dedication and want to take that away to obtain their comparative advantage. In some ways, I do see Frank's Perspective on the thought of survival of the fittest, but I am still not sure how it applies to economics and the invisible hand theory. In fact if we were to look at our economy now it is a mixture of both socialism and economics. Unfortunately, not many people agree but it's the truth our government as well as congress base a lot of their decisions off of the public. Supposedly giving society a bigger role in their decisions, however no so much.

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