Monday, February 27, 2012

Spending Cuts.....What What?

      I have to say some of this chapter I agreed with for the most part. For one thing, I notice that the infrastructure in many places has gone downhill gradually. Then again it has decreased even before I was 13. Anyway, the point is that we want to have better roads that are stable and are easily driven on. However, infrastructure has been doing terrible since Hurricane Katrina hit a few years ago. Frank has a good point on the amount of money spent  just to repair a window or any other motor vehicle, but the fact of the matter is that we are charged a lot more with taxes added on in order to build safer roads. Usually, when told to fix pot holes on main roads, as well as back roads, those who work in construction fill it up with, asphalt....yes asphalt, or dirt and then call it good! So how much are we really spending to re-construct the streets?
     Overall I still feel that Frank likes to point fingers at the opposing side a lot through out this book. Granted, he has a lot of good points in this chapter with our allocation of resources as well as government spending. What are we truly spending our money on (besides the war overseas)? I still agree that he is more concerned about competition and conspicuous consumption. He uses some pretty well put examples to back up his opinion about the beast and how we must starve it to a certain extent in order to regulate our economy. Although this is true. We still need to discover which factors pertain to this beast. We also need to identify which beast we are wanting to stop.
     I don't believe anyone will disagree when we say that we need a government to help stabilize the country's economy, but how much help do we need? How far should they control the banks, the businesses, the franchises, and many other business opportunities? We are all seeking our comparative advantage in this country. So how come the poorer keep getting poorer and the richer keep on getting richer?

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