Sunday, November 20, 2011

Internet Censorship

For the past few days congress has taken it upon themselves to discuss the possible internet censorship and immediate shut down of all sources of the internet where you can download software, music, movies, etc. for free. After looking over the process and arguments for both sides that they have been mulling over, reading this week's article was quite refreshing. I also happen to agree with the conclusion of the thoughts that through technological advance eventually there would be a lot less theft. Yet when it comes down to it people would rather see the theft in jail or pay a large fine rather than making the developers think of a better idea while still being legal. Pandora is a great example of how the idea of downloading music has changed. You don't have to constantly pay attention to it, there is no downloading involved, other artists are also included so you can branch out your music you like, and it's free. Okay you do have to listen to an advertisement for every 5 songs you listen to but nothing too long to complain about. If you upgrade and pay for a year it will be cheaper than 4 albums and you have all the music you want that can be played through your car stereo and any smart phone.
This to me is the sort of future the internet should hold concerning downloading. Not where developers try to sue these sites, but try to encourage others to do similar things as to offer services that seem free but come at some sort of expense. Netflix is another great example, however with a little more effort they could put more movies online to stream. I'm just very excited to see what sort of sites pop up in the future with the ideas of making it more available to the customer at a lower cost/free with some advertising.

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  1. This is an interesting post. I believe you got the point. Technology lowers costs of production and that's why a lot of music is free as a lot of movies are free. Pandora and Hulu are prime examples of how can watch a lot of entertaining material for free because ultimately the revenues don't come from selling those CDs or DVDs, most of them come from marketing, advertising, the concerts, the merchandising, etc.