Monday, October 24, 2011

The Wonders of Markets

Growing up in my high school, I saw the prices of gas change from a little over 2.10$ to now as of today 3.94$. Back then I didn't care so much, I earned enough money in the summer to pay my gas through the school year and have a little extra money to through around. But now during the summer when i'm off campus I have to make a lot more trips into town, and with only a limited income, I have to make every trip count. For example if i'm at work in town I might as well hit up wal-mart while i'm at it.

After taking Econ I finally realized why those prices reacted like that in those years. There are many things external of what I was originally contemplating about how these prices were changing that I never even thought of. Already considering the war and some other natural disasters, the entire world is competing for these resources. Countries are evolving into developed nations which take up huge amounts of the worlds annual consumption and production of energy.

This demand by the world has greatly influenced the way companies are focusing on energy. Because the demand is so high and profitable they continue to research, drill, and mine for more or new energies available. But if this was suddenly not profitable to do any sort of business related to energy; companies would withdraw from the market and consumers would suffer. That woudl probably bother the person at the pump though who has been waiting for 8 hours to fill up because the station is out of gasoline. What the average joe needs to realize is that there is a much bigger picture than just them out there. We are all connected to these markets that drive us and influence us.

However it would be nigh impossible to shuffle every citizen in for an economics discussion. Besides people picketing a street corner would probably make a greater impression than economists trying to show a supply and demand graph in the general public. One couldn't hope but to at least try to all of those around him or her to make it a dinner discussion at the table, or perhaps a simple post on facebook. Although everyone has their own opinions and ideas, no one can deny the market forces and what happens with them.

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