Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hayek's is NOT Conservative, Who knew?

Actually, we SWEET scholars knew it all along, right?

It has been interesting to find in the postscript that conservatism has only recently been re-defined, and actually, it originally was associated with a more modern-day liberal left view point that involves ideals consisting of socialism, a centralized economy, and more government involvement in protecting individually specified rights or the preservation of them. This could be found in the 17th century in the union states prior to the civil war.

The conservation of rights were also, on the other hand not the common constitutional rights or even unalienable rights we now think we're preserving, they were focused on preserving institutions such as slavery. whoh, ouch. I am glad that the liberalism/conservationism terms have been re-defined without an association to the institution of slavery or any other form of unjust rights. But this is, and has been, a long process of: changing ideals, times, and the reconstructing of the definition of our basic human rights.

I am, once again, not fitting into Hayek's definitions with my personal political stance, I think I am actually right alongside him, a "liberal" in the most organic form. This brings a question, just how relative is the idea of a de-centralized economy? I think it evolves with the opinions of unpredictable human beings, who forget their history.

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