Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Fantastic Four

So this week I am going to try to delve in to the art of regurgitation with style in the efforts of furthering my knowledge and my retention of this knowledge of the four movements Hayek speaks of in chapter 16. He mentions that each of these movements opposed each other but all had the commonality in viewing that government’s authority to draft rules of law should not be limited, as through these powers governments can reduce social injustices.

At this point you may ask yourself what’s the point of reading this post if it’s just “regurgitation” when you can go the original work for the same information. I will answer this conundrum and provide you with the reasoning as to why this post does expand in a new direction by stating this summary of these four points goes in detail about each in comic book super hero style description. Presenting to you the Fantastic Four political theory style:

Legal Positivism- He’s our friend Reed Richards a scientific genius who is known as Mr. Fantastic. The reasoning as to why Legal Positivism is classified as this super hero is due the flexibility that this school of thought offers. The school stretches out of the bounds of the law. Mr. Fantastic has the ability to use his powers to alter the situation, but he himself is a giant loop hole which stretches outside of the law.

Historicism- The Thing! Though the Thing is known for his strength he himself is bound to the past, as he is the member of the club with the most emotional baggage on his shoulders. The Thing’s actions need a purpose that is tied to his personal interpretation of what is just. If a rule does not fit in to the Thing’s view of justice the answer is simple, “Its clobbering time!”

The school of “Free Law”- It’s Jonny Strom of course. Due his background of delving into shady activities, as a movement he is primarily concerned with criminal law. Also known the Human Torch, being the young troubled youth of the group he is not a fan of fixed rules. Generating flames and using them to fly is his power and he uses this to flee from fixed rules and as a result his decisions often can be seen as being endowed with an arbitrary nature.

The school of “Jurisprudence of Interest”- She is Sue Storm also known as the invisible woman. She is most closely related to her younger brother Johnny Storm. As the woman of the group she likes to think about the “interests” of the group as a whole. She uses her power to disappear with the attempt of escaping the type of law which relies on the strict application of rules to achieve a concrete verdict.



  1. Haha, well done! Brilliant regurgitation if I do say so. =)

  2. Any chance that these fantastic four will become extinct in American society?