Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Merit Based Farm

Those that believe in merit based systems must have an interesting world view. Let me elaborate on how a merit based and result based farm would work and differ.

Merit based:
Let us suppose a crippled oaf want to raise crops. He struggles his way onto his field and tries very hard, harder than anyone else. he haphazardly plows his field and incorrectly sows his seed at a glacial pace during the incorrect season. Ordinarily there would be no crop to harvest, assuming a crippled oaf could infarct harvest a crop. The good news in that because this is a merit based farm the crops in fact sense how hard this man has tries and despite everything being done wrong the infarct grow in abundance and self harvest. If you believe the word works this way social equity in the way to go, however if you are skeptical read on.

Results based:
Let us suppose a smart well boded farmer wants to raise some crops. He is fast and efficient and hates farming. He is so fast and smart he invents new machines to assist in farming and spends very little time and energy farming. He raises a plentiful crop and becomes wealthy. He is rewarded for what he produces only. If this person was in the merit based world he would unfortunately starve to death for he tried very little.

Also let us suppose an inept farmer attempts to raise crops. He fails but tries very hard. No matter, he goes hungry and pursues other economic activities until he can produce enough to survive at another other venture.

If you the merit based is a good depiction of reality, go ahead and support measure to reduce inequity. However if you believe the results based scenario is a better depiction of reality you would be best off minimizing coercion and embracing one of its positive results, inequity.

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