Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mr Rothbard made his view point very clear right from the very start of this article. I know my english 111 teacher would probably have failed Mr Rothbard for his claims and his child-like critique on Keynes. This article was just full of baseless remarks that are quite unnecessary while discussing economic principles. For example when mentioning the secret society that Keynes belonged to, how is it relevant to put in their views on homosexuality and their promiscuity. It sounded like gossiping not intellectual dialogue. Mr Rothbard made me realize how writing can be ever so biased when funded by a institute with a set agenda. The irony of it all was that Rothbard was doing exactly what he accused Keynes of doing with many economists of that time. I dont know if Rothbard is a historian, or an economist but he was obviously not good holding an intelligent dialoge. He sounded more like someone from a gossip coloumn!
The paper infuriated me, not only because I feel Keynes realy had a lot to offer, but because of the ease with which Rothbard broke down Keyne's character without good research or testimony. I also strongly dislike Rothbard's almost vicious unecessary remarks concerning Keyne's family background. After reading about 15 pagese mostly only about any shortcoming that Keynes had I gave up! Definitely the worst serious article i have read i a while!

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