Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back by Popular Demand (a rightward shift in the demand curve): The Resurgence of Economic Poetry

Who is the man with the Plan?

There should be in fact no plan,
If you want to tango with the invisible hand.

The Apostles may have a thing or two say,
But in the long run does this matter anyway.

As far as to the whether your status was that one that is undeserved Keynes?
I will have to wait until Thursday and ask Richard Raines.

*Sorry Rich to put you on the spot but it’s really hard to think of words that rhyme with Keynes. This poem though I think is epic fail "Belle the Cow" was definitely the peak of my poetic career or shall I say “my skyscraper.”

Funny enough this article reminds me of many that have been written about George W. Bush. I thought this week’s reading was interesting and can’t wait for the discussion. I would be curious though to count the number of times that Rothbard saying the following words ego, charismatic, contempt. With this in mind I am sure that the excessive use of these words does little to vindicate his main point as it just makes me want to look for more perspectives on the topic.

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