Thursday, March 25, 2010

Marx- what a hypocrite! !

I enjoyed reading this article, and for once I could actually see some validity in the austrian' s view point. Feudalism vs Marxisim, was a very interesting concept. The irony of marxism was that when put in practice, marxism resulted in a mess very like that of feudalism. What is really the difference between a serf working on a lords land and a peasent working on the state's land. In both cases there is no incentive to work efficiently, and in both instances the individual does not have any incentive to improvise. It is very ironic how marxism brought about a devastatingly similar scenario to feudalism. I have to agree with Mises when he says that people must be allowed to own property on their own. However, this make me think about my views concerning government owning special pieces of land such as preserves etc. Would Mises be against this? My guess is he probably will.
This article also brings about the issue of cosmos vs taxis. It exemplfies how the free market system takes a more cosmos approach to fixing a problem or making a profit than marxism or feudalism. This once again proves that maybe a more cosmos method of thinking and organizing leads to better incentives and better products.

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