Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Time Judgement

Alas I feel horrible a task that I thought would take two more hours is apt to take four or more. I feel like a very poor example I have only read part of the article (I will have it read in totality before the meeting). My internet connection ends here at the closing of the coffee house and I realize that I must get back to my calculus in before 12am as well. I have fallen victim to poor time management (I have been working on item from to item since Monday but now realize that I need to manage my time weeks out now and this post has caught me off guard. Perhaps this is the best argument from my own life to apply to the use of the Austrian Economic system if I can't manage my time reasonably due to misjudgments how awful would it be if I regulated how others were to spend there time....ek like a said an awful example and post feel free to make fun of me.

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