Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cosmos and Taxis

First let me start by saying that when I first saw the title of the article my super-saturated-by pop-culture brain thought it referred to cosmo's and taxi's (cabs) a.k.a any episode of Sex and the City!
Upon further investigation and after the realization that Hayek was probably not into Louboutins and Blahniks, but very dazzled by Greek I found one phrase of his very striking. Hayek stated that it is not always that authoritarian orders come in being. He spoke about a "new" type of thought- that self organizing orders are also created. I found this very interesting, and found that when I applied it to polities it gave me a surprising new way of thinking. First a few questions arose-
When does authoritarian order come about? Or rather why does it come about?
I think that self governing orders do exist. And I think that no one can really judge and state accuratley which type of self governing order is correct and which os wrong. Therefore, if one type of self governing order existed, everyone would follow it and no ideology clashes would exist. But what if this self governing order isint the only one of its kind. What if in a certain polity another governing order arises. This means that now there are two factions, or two ideologies.
I feel that this situtation would naturally lead to an authoritarian order, as a clash between the two self governing orders would break out to choose the stronger one.
This new authoritarian order may last till another type of order is developed. This may again lead to a self governing order. Therefore, I feel like this could be a never ending cycle!
I think I have just gone down the rabbit hole!
However I do feel like an equilibrium needs to exist in order to have a balance of cosmos and taxis.

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