Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Politicians aren't mommy. When we elect people into office, we assume they're going to take care of us and consider our best interest, like mothers, by representing us where the people who control the laws that govern our lives are. But then they get into office and respond to incentives rather than our squalling. Or rather, whoever squalls with the most amount of money. I'm going to make the assumption that politicians enjoy their job and they want to keep it. They also know that the only way they stay in office in this country is if they get elected. And the only way to get elected is to have a stellar campaign, which costs money. Money is a wonderful incentive to offer if you want something done. So if you are some special interest group, like bootleggers, you will offer money towards a particular politicians campaign. If the politician spins it right, the "bad kids" get punished while the "good kids" get rewarded, just like mommy would say.
"The politician holds up one hand to heaven and talk about his devotion to morality. With the other hand, he collects campaign contributions (or bribes) from the bootleggers."
What we see is a mother (or parent, for that matter). What we get is some person responding to monetary incentives. Usually a lying, cheating, *insert whole host of random, not so nice adjectives here* politicians doing whatever they can to stay in office.
Of course, now I have just accused all politicians of being dirt bags, which isn't the case, I'm sure there's at least one good one out there, there's at least one who will actually care for the people they are supposed to be representing and caring for (in a way). If there wasn't, all legislation would be absolutely awful and help no one.
...oh wait.

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