Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To Post or Not to Post?

This week I was trying to decide whether it would create more wealth on our Blog site to…

-Make one specialized post.
-Comment on others posts.
-Not post.

If I were to spend my time all on one super mega post that post would (according to specialization not my schizophrenic writing skills) would be of higher quality as I have more knowledge on my specific topic. Or I could comment on all of the other posts and in a sense trade my ideas with others. Or not post, if I were to do this I would only create more wealth if in place of my post all of you guys were to lots of great posts (now I know that everyone has the potential to do so and do every week, but as of now there are not many new posts so I’m going to assume that blog space is not a scarce good). I going to take a quote from our buddy Russell Robert’s “Not everything we do well is worth doing.” This how I feel this week about the super mega post option. So I’m going to try something different from what I normally do, and comment on others posts for my participation.


  1. Welcome Aboard Camilla!

    I've been commenting on other people's posts instead of posting myself. I don't think I did it for any noble economic reason. I have been doing it because I'm lazy, and it's easier.


  2. UDO you idiot!

    Being lazy and doing the easy thing is the most noble of economic reasons. You are following your own enlightened self-interest.

    Being lazy isn't really laziness. It's making more efficient use of existing resources. I'm following my comparative advantage.

    Think of it this way: Nate can produce either two intelligent posts, or three thoughtful comments. I am only able to produce one intelligent post (up for debate) or five thoughtful comments.

    It's pretty clear that Nate has the comparative advantage at writing original intelligent posts, while I have the comparative advantage at writing thoughtful (again up for debate) comments.

    Praise be to St. Adam, who in his wisdom, allowed Nate and I to divide our labor and conquer.

  3. The only down side to commenting rather than posting I think is the speculation that occurs.

    After I had made this post I realized that no new posts had been posted for me to post upon. So it is somewhat interesting how when you decide to be a commenter you rely on the posters because with out them you have nothing to comment on...and this is the key to understanding how interdependency and specialization go hand in hand.

    The speculation occurs then I guess when you decide when to comment and hope that this time is a time after others have posted.

    I guess the best option if you are a commenter is to wait until Tuesday night at 11:55 to start out on those comments.