Tuesday, October 27, 2009

System of Cooperation

I am not sure if there is a better place to start then college. Take for example the cooperation of 4 out of my 5 professors all having tests this week. Unfortunately I don’t have time to marvel at the system. Rather I have to study the systems of how steel is made and of electrical circuits.

I worked in a 3 million square feet warehouse this summer and looking back on the meetings and projects I was involved in it is really amazing how many people were involved to ship out a part the size of a penny to a part the size of a car. Working as an industrial engineering we tried to make the cooperation in our warehouse more efficient. They have done a good job at this, take for example if you need a part and you go down and place an order at your dealership it will arrive in about 2 days (Alaska excluded). This part took the cooperation of thousands of people to arrive for your use.

I started to write all the people that would be involved in shipping the part but the list would get out of hand in a short time. We seldom stop to think about the cooperation and probably take it for granted, although in the case of my 4 tests in the same week that cooperation needs to be stopped. I am going to stop marveling the cooperation that goes on and get back to studying.

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