Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I hate titles.

I was going to start this post by saying something along the effect of "we've lived so long in a system that has operated consistently and independently of us..." when I suddenly realized that's not really true. The price system, the system of cooperation in an untold number of markets is entirely the doing of humans. So I guess the more proper way to say it is that the system operates without anyone telling anyone else what to produce and how to trade it for something. There isn't some global leader who knows everything who is telling the coffee grower how much coffee to grow so the pencils I'm going to do my other econ homework with keep showing up in stores. The coffee growers have a general idea of what amount to produce, and they didn't think about me needing a pencil.
I was going to use the example of the team of musicians I often find myself playing with, except it doesn't work at all. As a fellow musician, I actually have to be constantly conscious of what others are doing and base my decision on what they are doing, and most of the time, there is a leader telling everyone what key to play in, and the overall feeling of the music produced. This is quite unlike the formation of a pencil- the coffee growers don't care about the manager of pencil making factory's decisions, they're going to produce how much coffee they think they're going to sell regardless. The fact the coffee grower and manager of the pencil making factory get along through markets is, I think, nothing short of a miracle. (On one hand, though, the manager of the factory is going to decide which coffee brand do buy and therefore which coffee farmer to support, so he is somewhat aware, hopefully, of what coffee growers are doing.)
Why would we ever want to get our hands involved in something that has gone on for thousands of years without our controls? That's just more work for us. It seems rather counter productive to me.
Let the markets cooperate by themselves, they do a good job.

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  1. "I was going to use the example of the team of musicians I often find myself playing with, except it doesn't work at all."

    What about the materials used in building the instruments? What about the BTU's used to heat the air you breath when practicing? Anyway I digress.

    Could you talk about your economics of dating more, please do tell.