Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So I am double majoring in Sociology and economics and let me tell you, it rocks my world to get such opposite ideas of how the world works every week.

This week in class we watched the documentary SiCKO. It was about health insurance in the U.S. and I know we beat this topic to death i our first meeting, but seeing as it is a huge national issue, I can't let it die just yet as if I had a choice...

The movie gave some interesting (Though clearly left slanting) points on the way insurace compnaies run. Some of the major features they focused on were one: Insurance companies deny care to people who are sick either refusing to cover them or calling necessary procedures experimental; two: if you do recieve coverage and actually need to use it, many insurance companies look for ways out and still try and deny payment.

Again, this was a "documentary" that clearly favored socializing health care and I was very upset with the blatant bias because documentaries are supposed to try and pretend they don't have any. But point.

Insurance companies have just as much right as any other business to operate within the market system we have in the United states. They offer a service people deem valuble enough to pay for and of course, it is their right to attempt to make profits by charging as demand for their services increases. The business operates well within the system we have developed into as a nation, but the people running them have corrupted the system and given it a bad name making the case for socializing a strong one to the majority of American's who cannot afford health insurance. I guess this is the unfortunate thing about market systems. Compared to the four other market types, it is ideal in theory sort of like communism, but when you add people into the mix, human emotion including greed can make any system seem...not ideal.

Coincedentally, this is why I have chosen to study both economics and socialism. I want to know why such great theories don't work out... and how can they?


  1. Michael Moore is probably the best socialist propagandist since Leni Riefenstahl.

  2. The guys at Enron were pretty good at promoting socialism too.