Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oppurtunity Cost

I find the conpcept of oppurtunity cost absolutely fascinaing. This is how it was first explained to me:
"If you choose to go to college immediatly fter high shool, it does not cost you ust your tuition. There are books fees, housing, etc, as well, but college does not just cost you the money you spend on it... College costs you all the money you could have made had you worked full time instead."

It kind of makes you wonder what you're really missing out on. Right now I am thinking about taking a trip to Chicago over Winter Break to visit my dad, but that means I can't work at all and although th value of time with family is invaluable I do need to make money to make it rhoguh next semester! What's a girl to do?

Considering oppurtunity cost is an extremely useful tool though unfortunetly can sometimes be a bit short sighted. I may decide to skip going to see my father and work, but then get a scholarship that covers all fees for next semester. I guess there's a risk with everything and since nothing is a garuntee I can only base oppurtunity costs on what I know now...

Sorry if anything is missing a letter..I recently had a freind spill soda on my laptop and now the w sticks so I also need to consider if the time spent revising my work is worth more then the money I would spend on a new laptop. I am thinking no, and that I need to just bite the bullet and get a new one...

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