Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome SWEET Scholars

Well this looks like the new home for the University of Alaska S.W.E.E.T. Scholars discussion board. Welcome. If you can all message me with your email address' I can add you to the contributor's list and we can get started.


  1. Congratulations on being selected as a SWEET scholar. I'm looking forward to reading your posts about the role of incentives.

  2. It was incredibly frustrating to think to myself that the British should pay the captains for the number of living prisoners brought to Australia, only to read that is what they did and it worked, like listening to myself talk, what a bore.

    My incentive for writing this is that I am bored and have a low opportunity cost for which to spend my time at the moment.

    Incentives form a good portion of my political grounding and the whole basis against anything that resembled socialism. The hot topic now is universal health care. I would be encouraged to be a fat lazy bum and let my neighbor take care of me, how about you?

    The author talked about time incentives and not wanting to wait a year in line to see a Beatles concert. Funny thing is same thing happened to be in Anchorage this weekend. I was at the Saturday Market and wanted to buy the tasty corn things. There was a relatively massive line and I didn't want to wait. So even though I really wanted to eat the corn I did not buy them. I instead stole some from a small child and ate his... JK. I bought an elephant ear, a substitute, from a place with no line. The marginal benefit of the corn verses elephant earns was less valuable than the time I saved not waiting in line.

    I could bore anyone bored enough to read this all day with parallels in my life to the article but sleep is now more of an incentive than this blog.

  3. Aaron my question is this...What is a "tasty corn thing"? Sorry no related to economics, but I have to admit I'm curious ( curiosity gave me an incentive to ask this question even if it's off topic...there we go)